Why QA as a Service is the best choice for your company

Before talking about the advantages of using our QA services, let’s see what exactly QA as a Service is.

QaaS is an approach that provides customers with a so-called "magic QA box", which brings out the best of your product without your having to go into details of the testing process. What is inside the box? Inside you’ll find all the main qa tools and approaches: manual testing, automation testing, TestOps practices and the right balance in QA processes. Add to that years and years of experience and a strong team of QA engineers and finally you’ll get the right picture of what "magic QA box" is.

Great, now we know what QaaS is. How can it help you assure the quality of services and why is it better than having your own QA department? Let’s look at the main advantages of using QA as a service below:


This is the most important advantage for an entrepreneur. If your company chooses QaaS and outsources all internal QA activities – you will save your money. Let’s see why and compare the two approaches:


Own QA Department


Hiring QA staff 

In case you’re the one hiring the staff, you’ll bear the cost of:

  • Recruiter’s service
  • Interviewer’s time
  • Additional expenses in case a new employee doesn’t pass a probation

And furthermore, you will be paying for a low-quality application, until you find a team of qualified specialists.

You only pay for the provided services during the execution of the project.

If you aren’t satisfied with an employee’s performance – then, we take care of the financial side of the problem and find a replacement.

If you want to have more people working on the project - just say the word, and we’ll expand the team.

Building QA teams/processes

It takes time and effort to build a well-coordinated team that would work as a real unit.

And you still have to pay even a bad team.

We provide you with teams, which have been assembled beforehand - the team members already know each other. We have working processes for the adaptation of new employees. We provide every single staff member with a pleasant working environment. You get the best product since day 1.

Purchasing equipment

If you decide to build your own QA team - you have to pay for a variety of equipment items – PCs, laptops, monitors and mobile devices.

We provide you with the equipment. You don’t have to pay for it.

QA staff turnover

Let’s say you’ve decided to replace a QA engineer in your team. It creates costs associated with dismissing an old staff member and finding a new one.

We cover the costs related to staff turnover. 

QA management support

If you decide to assemble your own QA team - you have to find an experienced manager, who’s going to lead the team and set the right direction for work. This is going to cost a lot.

We provide a QA manager for each project for free. All communications, reports, process changes are managed by one person. And you don’t have to pay a penny for it!

Quick start 

Another important reason why QaaS is the best solution for testing activities is that it enables you to start testing right away. Just imagine how much you have to do before you start your own QA department: hire recruiters, define your testing priorities, consider staff arrangements, recruit engineers, interview potential employees, build a good team, set up all QA processes from scratch. And in case something goes wrong - you have to start over.

If you choose QaaS, your life will get easier. We take a couple of days to analyze your project and your QA needs and then we recommend several options for the implementation of the project. We give you a list of QA engineers suitable for your project.

We provide you with our key value - our experience. QaaS will help you make a top-quality product in the shortest possible time.


I have already touched upon this topic, but let’s talk about the importance of experience in detail. Did you know that 14% of IT projects fail? The main reason for it is the ineptitude of Quality Management, which fails to manage the budget, meet the deadline and produce high-quality apps. The number is quite big, considering the fact that we only take into account the projects that were never released. If we go deeper, we can see that the number of ongoing projects with a terrible quality is way higher. It means that these projects never run QA processes or run them poorly. That’s when we come and save the day! We have large experience in testing different applications and domains. We know where and how to start testing, how to assess the effectiveness of the work and how to change QA processes at any stage of the project. We have experience with manual testing of web and mobile applications, test automation for all the popular platforms (web, mobile, native mobile, api). We know all about performance testing. If you choose QaaS, all this knowledge is available to you.


What makes QaaS a perfect choice for you is flexibility. If you’re working at a big software company - you know how long it usually takes to change something. In case you choose QaaS for your company - you are able to make changes in QA processes immediately.

Hire or replace the team members? Easy!

Want to try a new QA tool or change your old one - just say the word and we’ll provide you with the options! We have qualified staff, experience and desire to help you make top-quality products. 


There are even more reasons why QA as a Service is an excellent choice for testing.

Do you want to learn more? Just contact us and we’ll do all our best to help you make your application the best on the market!